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You probably don’t know this but I started this blog for my personal project at the end of December. In the next days I need to finish my report and hand it in so I would really helpful if you could take 2 minutes of your time to complete this super short survey

Link to survey:




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As usual, I was instgramming like a crazy women tonight and I saw one post which made me say “wow” and stop for a minute. Please go  check out the latest #protectyourskin tee from Marc Jacobs and its video. It will take up a minute of your time and I swear that it will be totally worth it! 

I also suggest to everyone to go to a Marc Jacobs shop (either to the MARCJACOBS or to the BYMARCJACOBS one) if they ever have the opportunity because they are always super cool and filled with REALLY nice clothes which some times are not even so expensive 😉 I personally LOVE the one in London because it has a giant eye in the window and an amazing bookstore downstairs. 

This is the link for the video :

Go follow @MarcJacobs on Instagram if you haven’t already done it, for great pics and outfits! 

Love love love, 




The “eye” of Marc – LONDON STORE

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