Fresh start

As all of you know, we are now in 2014, the year of the horse and the year in which, like every year, we think that we will change ourself in something better; perhaps we will be healthier or we will study more…
I wish to you all the best for this year but most of all I wish you to have a year full of LOVE, HAPPINESS and FUN.

May your coming year be
Filled with magic and
Dreams and good
Madness. I hope you read
Some fine books and kiss
Someone who thinks
You’re wonderful, and
Don’t forget to make some
Art- write or draw or build
Or sing or live as only you
Can. And I hope
Somewhere in the next
Year, you surprise

I am now in Tuscany. The weather down here is not really nice but the view is still spectacular! It’s nice to finally spend some time with your family and have time to read. You all need to read the trilogy of Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins; the books are well written and definitely one of my favorites! I also finally got to see my puppy Argo, he is adorable.

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Neon-Light installation created by Richi Ferrero


Like spiders on a web


The eye of Tuscany


Argo, mr.PUPPY


Feeling loved


A and D


Cosy days


My New Years Resolutions Lantern


blue selfie

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One thought on “Fresh start

  1. Maggie says:

    I ❤ your incredible photos

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